Erasure are heading to the Bonus Arena, Hull on Saturday, 28th May 2022

Tickets go on sale on Friday, 29 October at 10 am from

The band (Andy Bell and Vince Clarke) will be celebrating the release of their 18th studio album, The Neon, with their eagerly anticipated tour.

Erasure are one of the most iconic electro pop bands of all time, amassing dozens of top 40 hits including Sometimes and A Little Respect.

Andy Bell says, “We’re so excited to be able to – at last – announce dates for The Neon Tour! We’d hoped to have seen you sooner, but can’t wait to see you all. Until then, keep safe!”

The Neon is a place that lives in the imagination, that we – you and me – put in the real world. It could be a night club, a shop, a city, a cafe, a country, a bedroom, a restaurant, any place at all. It’s a place of possibility in warm, glowing light and this is music that takes you there.

The Neon brings warmth and a brilliant brightness, connecting us to our pasts and our futures as it glistens with hope. It creates beautiful places where our imaginations can roam, bringing us together, twinkling and beaming. The Neonputs you and me in a celebratory world, now and forever, illuminated and alive.

Tickets for this seated and standing show go on sale on Friday, 29 October at 10 am from